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Great Family Day:) Bad Scrapbooker day :(

So the sun was out again today and I was dropping subtle hints to Rusty that we should do something, as a family.  He had done about all of the studying that he could stand, so he was just doing some stuff on the computer.  Finally, after remembering that I am married to a man after all (and they don’t get subtlety) I came into his room and said, “OK, I am taking the kids to the commissary to get a picnic lunch and we are going to the lake, you can come if you want.”  He looked at me and said that he had something better in mind, he showed me the website of an amusement park that is only about an hour away!  Once we checked the hours and did the math, we realized that we could get there and get in about four hours of fun (Who needs more?  especially with kids).    I told the kids that Daddy and I wanted to take them somewhere but it was a surprise, they got dressed and we took off.  We got stuck in some traffic, so it took about 20 minutes longer to get there.  But we had a great time!  Lots of fun was had all around.  The only thing that went wrong, I did not charge the camera after my day yesterday!  UGH!  Bad scrapbooker, bad, bad!  We took a few pictures with our phones, but my cord that hooks my phone to the computer is missing, so I might as well have not taken any.  Oh well, this one will have to live in my mind, alone.

After the park we had a lovely meal in the city center of Weiden.  We had some wonderful traditional German fair and I got some lovely Spagel, oh yum!  Spagel is a rare white asparagus that they have here in Germany, oh, so good!  We sat outside and enjoyed the lovely evening and watched people pass us by.  As we sat there, our family, surrounded by the sights and sounds of Europe, I thought about how this is just another reason that I love my husband so much!  We are so much alike, we love to be spontaneous, we love make our children smile, we love a good meal, and we love to enjoy a beautiful day.  I am so blessed to have such an amazing family, I don’t need pictured to remember this day.  This one will never fade.

Okay, I just discovered this, I about fell over laughing from this one.

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