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We FINALLY had some sun this weekend!  Oh happy day!  Unfortunately, Rusty still has a bunch of schoolwork to do, so I don’t think that he has seen the sun at all.  The girls and I joined some friends in Pottenstein for a little shopping, sight-seeing, rolla-bahning, and bungee-trampolining.  Then kids had a blast and I got a little sun (maybe a little too much).  Last night I, again, re-organized my craft room.  I am following Stacy Julian’s Scrap-by-color program and it works very well.  I am also experimenting with some other ideas that I have had.  See, I do a little digital scrapbooking, not much, but some.  It is great for me to do when I have a bunch of pictures to scrap but not a bunch of inspiring Ideas for pages, but aside from that, I prefer the 3D look (and feel) of my scrapbooks.  I do, however, love some of the digital elements and papers available on the internet, digital designers are talented and their kits are gorgeous!  Then I thought to myself, uh, self, you have a 12X12 printer, why don’t you print to digi pages and elements you like?  Then I answered, self, that is a good idea!  See, here in Germany there are no scrapbooking stores to be found and the craft store for Americans is ridiculously expensive (that, or I am just cheap, those of you who know me, know the answer to that one!).  I figure if I can print at least 20 pages of patterned paper that I download for a cost of free to no more than $5, then I am actually saving money by using my own printer, and I will have a world’s worth of scrapbook paper available to me at the click of my mouse!  Oh yeah!

So, enough thinking about it, I decided to try it.  I was inspired during our trip to Pottenstein, to do a personality page about Gabrielle.  If you know her, you know that she climbs EVERYTHING.  I have finally given up making her stop, maybe she will be in the cirque du sole, or something.  Anyhow, last year when Debbie came to visit, we went to Pottenstein and Debbie took a great picture of Gabrielle climbing on a stairway railing.  Yesterday, in Pottenstein, I took a great picture of Gabrielle climbing a railing for a pathway at the palace.  Some things never change.  The green and blue patterned paper under the photos and the dark blue strips on the top and bottom are digi-papers printed on my printer.  The photo mats and background paper are from my collection.  The embellishments were chosen from both my “Green” and “Blue” bins.  I love the way this one came out.  Also, I must say, that my F.R.E.D. has truly changed the way that I scrapbook, I can really see how my page will look before I glue anything, best gift EVER!

I apologize for the glare, I forgot to take the picture before I put it into the book.  The journaling is simple, the pic on the left says June 2009, the one on the right says June 2010.  The circle on the bottom reads:  Both taken in Pottenstein.  Some things never change.

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One Response to “Sun!!!!”

  1. Nikki says:

    Just thought i would say i pretty much miss yall like crazy, i saw a little girol who reminded me of Abby attitude and hair it was funny 🙂 well i love yall alot! Nikki

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