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2 Piece Set

This morning Rusty and I actually woke up early enough to work out, Yay!  We discovered a few unwelcome guests in our bedroom, ants (ugh).  I decided to check the girls room, they had another half hour to sleep so I tried to be careful and quiet.  There were no ants in their room, but I did find both girls sleeping together in Abby’s bed.  Can you say Kodak moment?  I ran and got my camera.  After I took some pictures and was walking out the door, I came across a tag from an outfit that I had bought for Gabby about a week ago, it said: 2 Piece Set.  I tell you what, that scrapbook page just wrote itself!


The two of you don’t always match up (in personality).  You clash very often and things can get down-right nasty.  But you are sisters and you love each other and defend one another.  Forever more, you will be a 2 piece set.

By the way, I am LOVING my F.R.E.D.

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