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Lifestyle Change!

Well, Michelle and I decided to shake things up even more.  We’ve been eating healthy for about 2 weeks now.  I just had veggie burgers for the 2nd time, and I’ve got to say, I really like them.  They’re not greasy, and they taste great.  We’ve had some really great food over the past 14 days.  We’ve enjoyed everything from sirloin steak to pork loin.  I haven’t yet felt hungry either.

We’ve been using to get recipes and build shopping lists.  It’s free and really easy to use.  I eat about every 3 hours, and I have plenty of energy.  I’ve limited myself to about 1500 calories a day, but I don’t bother to count them.  I just eat the planned snacks.  It was hard to do the first few days, but it seems to get easier every day.  I just set an alarm on my cellphone for each snack and lunch.

The most significant part of this lifestyle change has been our fitness goals.  We’ve started working out everyday. And not just working out, but really working hard.  I can honestly tell you that I think we’ve found the right program for us.  I’ve set up a separate blog to chronicle our progress.  You can check it out here. The full URL is  Well, until next time…


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